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Trials and Tabulations - HTML with Style

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Trials and Tabulations

Tables have a long history in HTML. From their initial implementation in Netscape 2.0, they have become possibly the most popular HTML feature in use today. Though you'd think tables are mostly used for boring sets of numbers and dates of interest only to the people in the accounting department, the most often encountered use of tables is to create interesting layouts for HTML pages.

But more on that later. Let's start off by looking at the basic syntax for tables and the various elements and attributes used to create tables. We'll get to the controversy and intrigue (OK, maybe there's no intrigue, but this isn't a John Grisham novel) later. The topics covered in this tutorial are the following:

Contents of this TutorialPage
1.A Tabled Proposal1
Basic Table Structure1
Tables and CSS1
2.Table Talk2
Table Captions and Symmary Information2
3.Splitting Up Tables3
Table Columns3
Row and Column Spans, Empty Cells4
Row Groups4
4.The Head of the Table5
Table headings5
Specifying header information5
5.Drawing Tables6
Cell Spacing6
6.Living in a Cell7
Column Widths7
Table Widths7
7.Setting the Table8
Page Layout Using Tables8
HTML with Style Makeover9
Tabulating your Expenses9

So let's start with a look at basic table structure.

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