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Tutorial 12: Embed with HTML - HTML with Style


Tutorial 12: Embed with HTML

I wonder if there's anyone reading this that can remember when the Web was a text-only place. Although those that do might pine for those times with a sense of nostalgia, thinking of the innocent years when domain names where still unallocated and the Lyrics Server was thriving, nobody can argue that the Web isn't a prettier, livelier place because of images and, lately, multimedia. But is it a better place?

Maybe that's not for me to judge, but this tutorial will take a look at the topic of embedding objects in HTML documents, which is probably something that interests you, my readers, so much I'm sure you've cheated and read about it somewhere else by now. However, there's a reason I took so long to get into it: it's a hot subject that is not as simple as it might originally seem. So let's take a look at objects and see how we can use them with Style. The topics we'll cover in this tutorial are the following:

  1. Think Objectively
  2. Objective Difficulties
  3. Objective Needs
  4. Elementary Objectivity
  5. Objective Alternatives
  6. The IMG element
  7. Image Maps
  8. Server-Side Image Maps
  9. Client-Side Image Maps
  10. Embedding Java Applets using APPLET
  11. Conclusion
  12. Exercises

Let's start off by taking a look at what we mean by objects.


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Created: May 28, 1998
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