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Tutorial 14: You've been Framed, Part I - HTML with Style | 2


Tutorial 14: You've been Framed, Part I

In this tutorial we will take a look at one of the more controversial functions of HTML: Frames. This tutorial will form an introduction to the topic, giving you the usual background and technical basics, while a follow-up will discuss more advanced issues.

Most beginners learning HTML have a lot of trouble getting frames to work well for them, and naturally conclude that frames are complicated and difficult to get right.

This is a misconception. Frames never work well for anyone mainly because of two reasons: (a) they are a bad idea in theory (b) they are a terrible technology in practice.

However, since 90% of the HTML questions that fill my mailbox every day concern frames, I am regretfully forced to deal with them in a tutorial. To appreciate the hatred I harbor against this devilish conception, notice that I've talked about everything else save the incredibly boring topic of character sets, encodings and language before I got round to frames. But, alas, it cannot be delayed any longer.

The topics covered in this tutorial are the following:


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