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Tutorial 16: Client-Side Scripting 101 - HTML with Style | 2


Tutorial 16: Client-Side Scripting 101

Throughout your experience in using the Web, you will have doubtless come across several Web pages that, contrary to what you would expect, don't just stand still. Menus that pop up, links that open new windows, forms that fill themselves out (wish you had that little gimmick when you last filed for a tax return, don't you?), even interactive games are some of the examples of the more mobile kind of Web pages out there. All of this jumpiness is nice, but for the most part it's not accomplished through HTML and CSS. It's accomplished through something called client-side scripts.

Client-side scripts are little programs that you write and attach to HTML documents that run on a user's browser while he is viewing said documents. Although I won't teach you how to write the scripts themselves (WebReference.com is one of the finest repositories of knowledge on the subject and you'll find links to appropriate places at the end of the tutorial), we'll take a look at how these scripts interact with HTML and CSS and what you should take care to do with your documents and style sheets before playing around with scripts.


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