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Tutorial 18: CSS Positioning, Part I - HTML with Style | 5


Tutorial 18: CSS Positioning, Part I


That was your first taste of CSS-based layout. Although it works in theory, both Navigator and Internet Explorer have trouble handling it. In the next tutorial, we will take a look at what steps you need to take to actually make this technique work, as well as some alternative uses for it. You can have a look at this technique in action on the HTML with Style homepage, where the green box to the left is absolutely positioned to create two columns of text.

There's a lot more to CSS positioning that we haven't covered, too: We will be examining floating boxes, named so because they mysteriously float to the bottom of the list of bugs to be fixed for the next release of commercial browsers, as well as fixed positioning, which is called fixed because it is always fixed in the "bugs to be fixed in the next version" list, regardless of which version the programmers are currently working on.



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