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Tutorial 19: CSS Positioning, Part II - HTML with Style | 2


Tutorial 19: CSS Positioning, Part II

In Tutorial 18, I explained the theory behind CSS positioning. We had a look at the CSS properties that control relative and absolute positioning, and how they should be used according to the CSS specifications.

CSS positioning a feature of CSS2 that is implemented better than many others in Internet Explorer and Navigator. This isn't very high praise for either browser, however, as it's not implemented very well at all. None the less, it can be made to do what you want it to do. In the following pages, we'll examine a technique that will create multi-column layouts for Web pages that works with all current CSS-supporting browsers.

When this tutorial was first written, Internet Explorer 5.5 had not yet been released, and the technique described was slightly different. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 5.5 introduced some new bugs in its layout engine that crippled it (you can read more about IE5.5 in my Style Watch developer's overview of the browser). This tutorial has been updated accordingly; if you've read it before, you might be interested only in the small, but important, change.



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