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Tutorial 20: CSS Floats, Part I - HTML with Style | 2


Tutorial 20: CSS Floats, Part I

Floats are wonderful things. I'm not talking about those big wads of plastic filled with light gases that are often accompanied by a bunch of people in feathers marching down a street and holding up traffic. This tutorial is about CSS floats, which are really wonderful things, and don't hold up traffic at all.

If parade floats stay afloat by virtue of being filled with hydrogen, it's a wonder people at Microsoft and Netscape aren't tied to the ground on account of the vacuum that exists in their heads at the point where most people have that part of the brain that is used to implement CSS in browsers (It's in the left hemisphere, about an inch above the ear. No, really. It's the source of those headaches you get when you try to design cross-browser style sheets.). So, in our style, we'll take a look at the standard way to do things in this tutorial, and learn some practical applications in the following one.



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