Tutorial 21: CSS Floats, Part II - HTML with Style | 6 | WebReference

Tutorial 21: CSS Floats, Part II - HTML with Style | 6


Tutorial 21: CSS Floats, Part II


In this tutorial, you learned how to create multiple columns using floats, and also why you shouldn't; this technique triggers bugs in Internet Explorer 4.0 and Navigator 4.0 that can't be worked around. You also learned how to create normal flows that work with all current browsers, working around a small bug in Internet Explorer 4.0.


Spot the bug

There is a small and almost unnoticeable bug in Internet Explorer 5.0's rendition of our first technique. Can you find it?

Clearing things up

We've set the clear property on the footer element in both our techniques. Why have we done this? Can you find a scenario in which it is needed to keep the layout consistent?



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