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How do I Select Thee, Let Me Count the Ways - HTML With Style

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How do I Select Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

In tutorial 5, I introduced you to Cascading Style Sheets, the best way to control how your HTML documents will appear. This week we'll go a bit deeper into the subject and examine some more complex CSS selector syntax, as well as look at the general syntax of CSS and the reason Cascading Style Sheets, well, cascade...

Before going into the main part of the tutorial, I'll sidetrack for a bit and teach you about comments in HTML, mainly because I couldn't find a better time to do this. Then I'll start you off with the big picture and teach you the general syntax of CSS. Then I'll take on CSS1 selector syntax, which is pretty simple though extremely powerful. This is about the time the proverbial stuff hits the CPU cooler as we stumble on some pretty innacurate implementations by both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and have a look at what works and what doesn't.

Startled by the Specification? Baffled by Browser Bugs? Welcome to the Web! But don't fret, Stephanos Piperoglou, Web Authoring Instructor Extrodinaire, is coming to the rescue!

Contents of this TutorialPage
1.HTML Comments 1
2.CSS Levels & Global Syntax 2
3.Selectors So Far 4
4.Grouping & Contextual Selectors 5
5.Pseudo-elements 7

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