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Exercises - I Shot the Serif - HTML with Style

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I Shot the Serif


To practice the skills you learned in this tutorial, try solving these excercises. Post your answers on the HTML forum in the Internet.com BBS. I'll be there to correct them.

A Dictionary Entry

To practice the skills you've learned, try this: open your dictionary, and locate an entry that contains most types of information an entry usually has (e.g. examples, usage notes, references, multiple definitions etc.), and create an HTML document and a CSS stylesheet that look as close as possible to the original.

Exploring your Fonts

Using a word processor or any other way you see fit, determine what fonts you have installed on your computer. Using a CSS-enabled browser, try to create a document that uses CSS to showcase all the different fonts and their variations by altering the family, size, weight, style and variant of the fonts in your elements. If you have any programming experience, write a simple program that determines the available fonts and outputs this document.

Discovering Units

Although I introduced you to CSS units this week, I didn't explain what each unit corresponds to. Without looking at the specification or cheating in any other way, try figuring what the em and ex units correspond to by creating a document and setting some properties with these values. (hint: try varying the font size of your elements).

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