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I Shot the Serif - HTML with Style

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I Shot the Serif

In tutorial 6 you learned how to create CSS selectors in order to specify which elements are affected by your stylesheets. This time, you'll get an introduction to CSS properties. The definition of a property was given in tutorial 5, but this is the first time we'll actually explain what the various properties do.

We'll start off with font properties that are used to change font family, size, weight, style and variant, and move on to text properties that control other things like text positioning and formatting.

The topics we will discuss in this tutorial are the following:

Contents of this TutorialPage
1.Family Ties1
The font-family property1
Specifying multiple font families1
2.Size Does Matter2
The font-size property2
Lengths as font sizes2
3.The Rest3
The font-weight property3
The font-style property3
The font-variant property3
4.All Together Now4
5.Text Properties5
The word-spacing and letter-spacing properties5
The text-decoration property5
The vertical-align property5
The text-transform property5
The text-align property6
The text-indent property6
The line-height property6
6.Example: A Terry Pratchett Novel7
7.Example: A Simple Bibliography8
A Dictionary Entry9
Exploring your Fonts9
Discovering Units9

Let's start with a look at font families...

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