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An Inquiry Into Values - HTML with Style

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An Inquiry Into Values

In tutorial 7 you learned how to use CSS font and text properties to alter the fonts and text layout in your HTML documents. However, I have left three questions unanswered:

First, when we introduced Cascading Style Sheets, I explained why they where called Style Sheets, but what does the Cascading part mean?

Second, when I talked about the possible values for the font and text properties, I mentioned "initial values," but didn't explain how these are calculated. What are the initial values of CSS properties?

Third, I used a number of units when discussing the possible values of CSS properties, but never explained what these units mean. So what's the difference between an em and an ex?

All of these and more questions will be answered in today's tutorial on CSS property values.

The topics we will discuss in this tutorial are the following:

Contents of this TutorialPage
1.Style Works in Mysterious Ways1
User Style Sheets1
User Agent Style Sheets1
@import rules1
2.Navigating the Cascade2
!important Rules2
The Cascading Order2
Now Forget All That2
3.The Style Sheet's Bequest3
Specified, Computed and Actual values3
Percentages and Relative Values4
Line Height and the Navigator Inheritance Bug4
4.Length Values and their Units5
Absolute Units5
Relative Units5
Integers and Real Numbers5
The inherit Value5
Color Units6
The color property6
5.Example: Units compared7
Finding Your Display's DPI8
Unit Conversion8

Let's start with an explanation of cascading...

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