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HoTMetaL PRO 6.0 - HTML with Style | 9


HoTMetaL PRO 6.0

More Stuff

HoTMetaL has a number of other features you might find useful: It can create a table with data from any database source via ODBC (such as a Microsoft Excel document), and it also allows infinite extensibility via COM or scripting if you're into programming, by having a complete and documented API of calls accessible through components and scripts.

Various conveniences include a Search-and-Replace function that works across multiple files, the ability to load invalid HTML documents and interactively bring them up to speed, create your own document templates and save them in convenient places so that you only need to fill in the gaps, and a Macro recorder that helps you with often-needed operations.

Bundled Software

HoTMetaL comes on a CD-ROM that will, by default, install HoTMetaL itself, via a familiar Wizard interface that shouldn't trouble anyone. Also included are Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.51 (not recent anymore, of course, but still useful) in case you don't have them already. Also bundled is WS_FTP PRO 6.0, an excellent FTP client, and a set of image viewing and editing tools from Ulead, including PhotoImpact SE. These tools are no substitute for Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, but then again not everyone can afford to pay the considerable wad of cash required to acquire the latter. For basic graphic design for the Web, these tools are very good, and offer such things as compression, pallette optimization and other goodies that will be useful to anyone designing graphics for the Web.

Additionally, HoTMetaL comes with HoTMetaL Personal Server, a small, light Web server that will help you set up a simple Web site on your computer and view your documents, although it doesn't support things such as CGI and SSI. If you want a Web server for anything other than personal use, I'd recommend getting one of the many free ones floating around, such as Apache.



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Created: November 03, 1999
Revised: November 16, 1999