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This is not a review of Internet Explorer 5.5 - HTML with Style | 2


This is not a review of Internet Explorer 5.5

Picture yourself as the maintainer of a certain Web site that concerned itself mostly with HTML and CSS. Now imagine waking up one fine summer morning, checking your e-mail, and finding a whole bunch of messages from people complaining that your front page looks like a Picasso seen through the eyes of someone who has taken some particularly bad acid.

After some frantic replying and running your page through every one of the (many) browsers you have installed on your various computers, you figure out that the one thing these complaining people have in common is that they're using Microsoft's brand spanking new Internet Explorer version 5.5 for Windows (henceforth abbreviated as IE5.5/Win). And that this wonder of modern technology, in addition to offering colored scrollbars, makes a perfectly legitimate layout technique, which you had previously written two tutorials about, and have been using for over two years on your front page, completely useless.

If you can picture yourself in this situation, you can more or less figure out what's been going through my mind lately.

To say that I'm slighlty peeved is, well... a bit of an understatement. More on that later. I downloaded the thing and had a look for myself. Read on to find out what I saw.


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