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The Seven Habits of Effective Web Sites - HTML with Style | 2


The Seven Habits of Effective Web Sites

Several news sites recently ran the story of Bruce Maguire, an Australian blind man who lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission concerning the accessibility of the Sydney 2000 Olympics Web site. It seems IBM, who designed the site, forgot their ALT attributes. All of them. This might have been less of a stickler if it wasn't for the fact that (as you can see for yourself if you visit the site) IBM generally considers that text is quite pointless when a GIF with nothing but said text in it will do quite well.

This interesting occurence got me thinking about a subject I have talked about at great length here on HTML with Style: Accessiblity. When designing Web pages, you want them to be accessible to everybody. Since this is rarely possible, you often have to compromise and stick with as big a part of your audience as possible. But which part is that?


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