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HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0

History of HTML tags
Supported by Netscape. Shows the tags and the version of Netscape that first supported that tag.
Netscape 4.0b1 released!
Just in time for Christmas, Netscape has released the first beta of Communicator, which includes Navigator 4.0. Highlights include absolute positioning, layers (<LAYER> tag) which can be transparent, turned on/off, be positioned exactly (LEFT=20 TOP=100), and z-ordered, VRML 2.0 support, and more. A demo at the recent Internet World in NY showed the power of JavaScript combined with layers, multiple pages can be treated as drop-down menus to consolidate pages and minimize scrolling. Features planned for upcoming betas include CSS1 and JSSS (JavaScript) style sheets. (12-25-96)
The next version of HTML, code-named Cougar, is in experimental draft. Highlights include style sheets, scripting, object tag, and frames.
Netscape 3.0 released!
Highlights include auto e-mailing of Web pages to Netscape's inbox, table cell background colors, back button now works with frames, frame border control, more spacing control, Java and JavaScript improvements, and "Live" features (connect, audio, video, and cooltalk) which allow improved multimedia and collaboration. (8-19-96)
HTML 3.2
W3C's new specification for HTML, replaces the expired HTML 3.0 draft. Includes popular tags such as tables, body bgcolor and text colors, applets, text flow around images, and superscripts and subscripts. (5-17-96)
Netscape 3.0 beta available
Code named Atlas, this preview of version 3.0 includes the Live3D VRML plug-in, audio and video (Windows) playback, integrated telephony (Windows), and table cell background color control. (4-3-96)
Netscape 2.01 is out
Fixes JavaScript security problems (3-13-96)
Mac Netscape Chat Available
Mac users can finally chat. (3-6-96)
Netscape 2.01 patch
A Java patch that fixes a DNS spoofing bug. (3-2-96)
Netscape 2.0b1Java Mac
Mac users finally can experience Java. However, this first version is crash prone and requires at least 8 Mb of RAM. (3-2-96)
Netscape 2.0 Gold released!
Pre-beta release available for Windows 95/NT.
Netscape 2.0 released
Read a summary of the release notes.
Netscape Defrost
A system extension that traps a system call that freezes Netscape (and Explorer) For Mac users by Scott Sykes.

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