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HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0: Similar Efforts


Similar Efforts

HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0

HTML 3.0 vs. NHTML 1.1 (*)
Abigail. HTML. 1995. (moved to parts unknown)
Inspired by Mr. Meyer's article, this series of documents shows HTML 3.0 elements and attributes which have no NTHML equivalents. Her goal is to inform authors that writing for NHTML is not necessarily HTML 3.0. A thorough discussion of HTML 3.0 and NHTML 1.1 including information from the HTML 3.0 table draft [Ab 95].
Use of Netscape tags in HTML
Mike Meyer. HTML. 1995.
Mr. Meyer points out which Netscape tags and attributes to use and which to avoid (font, basefont, blink, width <HR>, and type <OL> for example). He covers Netscape 1.0 but does not cover the newer versions of Netscape (currently v. 2.0). There are some patterns here, HTML was meant to be extended by the use of attributes, so Netscape's new attributes generally will be in HTML 3.0, but Netscape's new tags generally won't (center, font, basefont) [Me 95].
What is HTML? An opinion about the purpose and use of the Worldwide Web's document language
Michael H. Kelsey. HTML. 1995.
Mr. Kelsey posted this to the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html newsgroup in June/July 1995. He says that HTML is a content delivery system that describes the structure with tags and suggests the presentation with attributes [Ke 95].



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