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This page contains links to discussion groups, mailing lists, chat rooms and newsgroups. See Internet magazines for specific e-mail newsletters.

Webreference Articles

Creating Community
Learn how to build community for your Web site. Aside from increasing traffic, building community will bring life to your site.

Mailing Lists/Newsgroups

DejaNews (*)
A searchable archive of USENET news.
E-Mail Discussion Groups/Lists - Resources
A one-stop information resource about e-mail discussion groups or "lists."
John Labovitz's e-zine-list, one of the oldest and most comprehensive, keyword browsing only.
Searchable/browsable database of lists. Part of the List-Universe network.
An index of Web-based discussions tracking over 300,000 discussion forums. Indexes many discussions from popular sites like ZDnet, InfoWorld, Wired, and Computer World.
Internet Scout New Lists
Announce and browse new mailing lists.
Comprehensive resource for list owners. Promotion tips, ad swaps, list reviews and much more.
"The mailing list directory." Based on a mailing list spider, Liszt finds and categorizes mailing lists and newsgroups into a searchable directory.
Targeted Mailing lists for announcing new mailing lists!
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML)
A list of mailing lists. First started in 1981! By Stephanie da Silva.
Web based newsreader and search engine allows you to search, read, and post to thousands of USENET newsgroups. Free 30 day trial.
WWW-topic Mailing Lists
Provided and maintained by the W3C.
Searchable index of Lyris, Majordomo, LISTSERV, Listproc, and other lists.
Usenet Providers
Tips on shopping around for a News server; what to look for and where to look.


AOL Instant Messenger
One of the most popular messenger/chat services on the Net. GO Network Chat
Large chat network, wide variety of topic-oriented chat rooms.
Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Among the functions available are: chat, message, e-mail, and URL and file transfer.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help(*)
IRC is the most popular way to do real-time chat on the Internet. You'll find all the information you need to get started here: clients, servers, FAQs, and much more.
MSN Messenger Service
Popular messenger/chat service from Microsoft.

Chat Software

Java chat client that is server-based. Available for Macintosh, Windows and Unix web servers.
Windows browser add-on that allows users to chat with anyone visiting the same web site. Works with all major browsers.
This company develops software which enables interaction on any Web or intranet site to build community and interact with customers.
Lucid Chat
provides real-time text streaming without Java, ActiveX, or a Netscape plug-in. Some of the chat's core features are made possible by JavaScript. Features Web based administration.
A Web-based 100% Pure Java chat software that is customizable, extensible, and easy to use. Also offers additional chat and discussion forums at
Secure business-oriented communication software: Send a message, chat, or transfer a file using the direct PrivatelineĀ® message channel.

Message Board Software

Expressions Forum
Supports thousands of unlimited forums, users, and messages. Features multi-level boards, hyperlinks and file attachments.
A fully threaded, password protectably forum system written in Perl that runs on Unix and NT (Netscape and IIS) that can take advantage of DBM support and FAST-CGI.
Ultimate Bulletin Board
Features a unique interface, extensive administrative features, and easy customization. For Unix and Windows NT.
WebBoard (*)
Allows set up with WebBoard's internal web server, or any Windows CGI- or ISAPI-compliant web server. Also features JavaScript based real-time chat.
Web Crossing
Web Crossing works with almost all HTTP servers, and supports the NSAPI, ISAPI, FastCGI and plain CGI interfaces. Available for Windows NT & 95, multiple Unix systems, and Mac OS.
Web Q&A
Conferencing for Windows based servers. Features Web based administration, message editing and searching, multiple forums, and more.

Mailing List Software

Features an intuitive Web interface for subscriber interactions, subscription mangement, and list archive access.
L-Soft International
Makers of ListServ, CataList, and Ease. All designed to make maintaining and finding mailing lists easier.
Web-based mailing list software with sophisticated error handling and spam filtering features.
A Perl program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists. It is community-supported free software.
A service provider for listservers, e-mail discussion groups, talklists, announcement lists and e-zine distribution.


Chat Software
From Yahoo.
Conferencing on the Web (*)
A list of Web software for asynchronous group discussions using stored text messages. By David Woolley.
This forum software allows you to do things fast with a mySQL-PHP combination.

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