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Enterprise Curl

Enterprise Curl

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Paul Sheehan



$44.99 US
Pages:  400 pages
Pub:  Prentice Hall

Book Overview (Condensed, from the publisher)

Curl makes it easy to build Internet applications that use little bandwidth, integrate with existing Web standards, provide a rich graphical interface, and fit seamlessly into virtually any client environment. Enterprise Curl is the first book that shows how to take advantage of Curl for serious enterprise development. Through a start-to-finish case study, Paul Sheehan introduces powerfully effective design and development techniques that draw on his experience leading a Curl consulting teams. Coverage includes:

  • Developing the key elements of a Curl-based application framework

  • Creating search interfaces that accept and extract XML responses, then display them in flexible, powerful spreadsheet-like grids

  • Using Curl to show data within 2D graphs

  • Building Web-based data mining applications that can "drill down" to more detailed views of data

  • Using Curl's built-in SOAP support to construct sophisticated Web services
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