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PCWebopaedia (*)
A valuable, searchable index of widely used Internet and technical terms.
c|net Glossary
Cross-reference hyperized Net terms glossary.
Glossary of Internet Terms (*)
A shorter but more up to date glossary than RFC 1392. By Matisse Enzer and Internet Literacy Consultants.
A multilingual glossary of Internet terminology compiled as a voluntary, collaborative project by a number of translators and other professionals.
OneLook Dictionaries
Over 465694 words in 70 indexed on-line dictionaries. Glossary
A geeky glossary of technical terms from this zine.
An Internet glossary and a way to find handy information quickly. Designed for fast lookup, unnecessary words and images are taken out of your way. Contains word definitions and cross-reference links to related words.


Internet Dictionaries
From Yahoo.

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