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How to Avoid Common SSL Usage Mistakes
This week we look at some of the common SSL usage mistakes made by beginners and experts alike and the remedies. Among other things, you'll learn how to use encrypted connections. By Stephen Philbin. 1023
Do It Yourself SSL Guide
This week you'll learn how to have the connection between the browser and the Web server encrypted. This guide is designed for use with the typical Apache on Linux configuration. By Stephen Philbin. 0919
Giving Caches a Chance
Though it tends to get treated poorly, HTTP isn't a dumb file-transfer protocol. It allows you to specify an intention with your requests (GET/POST, with PUT and DELETE available) and offers authentication. The focus of this article, however, is about caching. By Marijn Haverbeke. 0730
Computer Security Ethics and Privacy
Today, many people rely on computers to do homework, work, create, etc., so it's important to take special care with your data storage. This week you'll learn about how to protect your data and prevent intrusions. By Vincent Deguzman. 0919
Web-Related Careers
A common misconception among many people is that Web development and Web design are synonymous. This article explores the distinctions between the two careers, including some of the skills you need to pursue them. By Gabrielle Gayheart. 0521
Web 2.0: The Best Opportunities Online Are Social
Web 2.0 is the name given to the post dot-com boom and bust of Internet growth. Companies such as eBay, PayPal and Amazon have proven that business can be conducted on the Web and it can be profitable. Now it's our turn. By Allen Taylor. 0326
Getting in on the 'Mobile' Internet
Looking for opportunities to reach new visitors? Check out the explosion of mobile phone users which offers the largest distribution platform on earth. With a registration process that began in 2006, 400,000 .mobi domain names have been registered. By Lee Underwood. 0321
True Web Usability - Principles Over Laws
Web usability is a hot topic these days. In this article, you'll learn how to optimize your Web site using logos, links that change color, content tips, the use of "bread crumbs" and more. By Jon Jackson. 0823
Logs and Monitoring for Apache Servers
This week you'll learn about the most common issues found when logging requests, such as conditional logging, log rotation, resolution of IP addresses, piped logging, monitoring the status of your Apache server and more. By Daniel Lopez. 0814
Inside WebTools Pro
As Web pages continually grow in complexity, Web developers need to check the many aspects of the Web pages they create. One method of doing so is with addons or plugins for the browser, such WebTools Pro, designed for use with Internet Explorer. By Lee Underwood. 0407
Firefox Web Developer Extensions
Firefox has become a formidable adversary in the browser wars. According to stats from W3Schools, it's used by 26.3% of all browser users. In this article, we're going to look at some of the extensions available for Web developers. By Lee Underwood. 0929
Firefox, the Browser of the Future?
As developers, the evolution of web browsers is something we're all concerned about. How are they the same? How do they differ? Who's winning the so-called browser war? With these and other questions in mind, we spoke to Chris Hofmann, Director of Engineering of the Mozilla Foundation, and asked him about Firefox and where it's headed. By Scott Clark. 0705
Using the DOCTYPE Tag
Having trouble with your Web pages? Can't get them to display correctly in your browser? It might be that your page is a little "quirky." Even if you address all errors in a web page, one problem that many developers overlook is a statement or, if used, failure to use the right one. By Lee Underwood. 1119

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The Internet is a vast and untamed electronic resource with information about nearly everything. Being part of WebReference, this section is more tightly focused on information specific to the Internet, mainly related to the Web. This includes Internet history, FAQs, glossaries, jobs, magazines, searching the Net, standards, and tutorials. For Web site creation try our authoring section.

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