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The Intelligent Wireless Web

The Intelligent Wireless Web Book Cover
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Authors: H. Peter Alesso
Craig F. Smith
ISBN: 0201730634
Price: $39.99 US
Pages: 384
Pub: Addison Wesley

Book overview

The Intelligent Wireless Web provides for the reader both a preview of the Web's "near future" as well as an overview and discussion of the technology components in place today that will lead to that future.

The book examines the convergence and synergy among five key technological components: speech used as a primary user interface; wireless personal area networks (WPANs); an integrated wired/wireless network infrastructure; supporting wireless protocols; and intelligent applications. It investigates available technologies and standards that are currently being developed to bring these goals into the mainstream of Internet use.

Ongoing research projects, such as MIT's Project OXYGEN, are used throughout to illustrate elements of the intelligent wireless Web in action. With an understanding of the trends, goals, and technologies described in The Intelligent Wireless Web, you will be well-positioned to develop your own strategic planning for the coming world of the ubiquitous Internet.

Further information on the topic and the book in general can be found at www.web-iq.com.

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