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WebReference Articles

COPPA & WAI: New Hurdles Point Out Solid Lessons
Take a look at the new challenges being presented to Web developers by COPPA and the WAI, and discover that the solutions are familiar - privacy, respect and accessibility.
The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law
Online publishers can successfully defend their content ownership rights, and our excerpt from this Random House title provides a classic case study wherein Playboy prosecuted a site for duplicating their images.

Other Articles

Electronic Publishing Risks
Read up on minimizing the legal risks of communicating with this series of articles. From Poulton Associates.
Internet Legal Issues
A series of articles on the law as it relates to the Internet including trademark infringement in meta-tags, deep-linking issues and more. By Faegre and Benson an international law firm based in Minneapolis, MN.


Intellectual (Copyright, Patent, Trademark)

10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Gives answers to common questions, includes the proper format for a copyright on the Web. By Brad Templeton.
Copyright Clearance Center
A non-profit organization providing collective copyright licensing services. Helps organizations comply with the U.S. copyright law and eases permission burdens and consolidates payments for rightsholders.
The Copyright Website
Provides real world, practical and relevant copyright information of interest to anyone on the Net. From Benedict O'Mahoney a lawyer who's an intellectual property rights expert.
ILT Guide to Copyright
Columbia's Institute for Leaning Technologies collection of original (CREDO) and external copyright information, intended for educators but applicable to the Web.
U.S. Intellectual Property Information
A guide for non-lawyers from the Franklin Pierce Law Center. Discusses the leg-work necessary before you file (prior art search), strategies for seeking cost-effective patents, and avoiding patent, trademark, and copyright problems.
An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers
Read and download a free IP Law Primer which includes an example of how these legal concepts would apply to actual products. From Ladera Press, who offer additional articles on a variety of legal issues and cases.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Has a vast amount of information concerning patentsand trademarks.
The Copyright Office
U.S. Copyright Office with copyright information, and instructions on how to register for copyright.

Other Legal Sites

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit civil liberties organization working to protect privacy and the free flow of on-line information.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a research center who's charter is to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues relating to the National Information Infrastructure, such as Internet content controls, the Clipper Chip, the Digital Telephony proposal, national ID cards, medical record privacy, credit records, and the sale of consumer data.
One of the most comprehensive law resources on the Internet. Includes pointers to communications law, intellectual property, legal publishers, law schools, legal news, and consultants and experts.
Legal information for Internet professionals. With continuously updated content, you can read articles from high-tech lawyers about basic and cutting-edge legal issues, discuss the law with them, study the actual cases shaping Internet law today, stay up-to-date on the latest technology legal news, get interviews with some important technology law authors, and more.
Internet Law & Policy Forum
Various resources from a neutral standpoint. Features conferences and forums.
Law for Internet
Self-help legal information for starting, building and operating a Web site and Internet business. Specially designed for WebMasters, Web Publisher and Internet entrepenours.
Lawyer Finder
Comprehensive Legal Resource for finding lawyers, legal information, law related books, legal software and a wealth of online legal resources.
Law: General Information
Law News Network
A large law news site for the legal professional. Current legal issues and newswire articles.
Net Watchers
Monthly zine devoted to online legal issues.
Software Information Industry Association
Trade organization for the software and digital content industry, with focuses on intellectual property protection and anti-piracy activities. Formed from the merger of the SPA and the IIA.
WWW Virtual Library: Law
On-line library of legal information and resources. Part of CERN's Virtual Library project.

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