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A monthly e-zine on electronic commerce from Hewlett-Packard.
A weekly e-mail newsletter with facts, figures, trends and rumors in the Internet marketing industry.
Inc. Online (*)
Companion web site for Inc. Magazine which devotes itself to businesses growing fast, as so many of us are on the Net. Has a best of links section.
Media Central
Built on a foundation of news and information from the publications of Cowles Business Media. Contains news,analysis, insight and commentary on the internet.
The Industry Standard's MEDIA GROK (*)
A companion newsletter to the weekly print Industry Standard, MEDIA GROK critiques and gives perspective to the press coverage of the top few Internet Economy stories and highlights news from the and the Net.
NetProfit Magazine
Covers the Internet retailing industry -- from the business of retailing to the technical aspects of web sites. Every week we provide Internet business owners and managers with valuable information on how to succeed in the online marketplace.
Net Watchers
"A monthly e-zine of cyberlegal issues and events."
A monthly E-Zine published by Pehrson-Webb Group. Contains on-line strategies, marketing ideas and hot spots on the Web for smart businesses.
This monthly print and on-line magazine provides readers with an unflinching insiders' view of the world's leading technology companies.
WebBusiness (*)
Your Resource For Doing Business on the Net. A monthly print/online magazine for WebMasters from CIO.
Web Digest for Marketers
Executive summary of new web marketing sites, cleanly done.


American City Business Journals
A list of 37 online journals featuring business information with a region flare.
The Flying InkPot Zine Scene: Business
A collection of online newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, zines, magazines and publications that are updated with the slightest modicum of regularity.

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