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Byte (*)
Monthly magazine that has covered personal computers from the beginning. Has Web-related pointers and articles.
Computer Currents
CCI is a magazine for PC and Mac users in the late stages of the purchasing process and is distributed regionally with a nationwide, monthly distribution of nearly 600,000. CCI also includes columns and articles on trends and news in the computer industry. Aimed primarily at beginning/intermediate users.
ComputorEdge Online
A free weekly publication on computers and the Web with feature stories, as well as regular columns.
Computer Shopper
Web edition, has some web-related articles.
Web edition, has some web-related articles.
Computer World
Valuable computer e-zine featuring news, resources, and IT careers.
Harvard Computer Review Online
"The Harvard Computer Review (HCR) is the Harvard Computer Society's online magazine dedicated to reviewing trends in computing." Has some Net and Web-related articles.
"The Voice of Personal Computing in the Enterprise." A magazine for PC/IS managers.
Presents a host of new plain-language features and regular columns covering a wide range of computing and online themes. Covers DOS/Windows, of course, but there are also regular Mac and Enterprise O/S columns plus occasional special featues on 'alternative platforms'.


The Computer Paper
Canadian-based computer paper, has mainly PC-based articles with some Internet-related articles.
Lockergnome (*)
For Windows users you can't beat Lockergnome. A free daily/weekly e-mail newsletter for Windows 95/98/NT users, Lockergnome is packed with the latest new software, Web sites, plus tips, and industry news. Chris Pirillo's style is informative and amusing.
PC Computing
On-line edition of their magazine, nicely done with small transparent graphics, clickable maps of Web topics, and a free stuff section.
PC Magazine
Has what's cool/hot section, Internet trends, and an archive of past issues and articles.
PC Week
The WWW edition of this fine weekly magazine.
Online version of this popular monthly magazine with reviews, tips, and news.


Daily Mac news, links, gaming info, advocacy and troubleshooting help.
Mac Today
News, articles, and reviews for real-life Mac fanatics! Mac Today is not for MIS managers, network administrators, or consultants.
The news weekly for Mac managers. Get daily news from their Web site.
Macworld (*)
The premier Macintosh monthly print magazine. Now merged with MacUser, from ZDNet.
TidBITS (*)
A free weekly electronic publication that reports on interesting products and events in the computer industry, with an emphasis on the world of the Macintosh and the Internet. By Adam and Tonya Engst.

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