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What's new today on's vast network of internet-oriented sites including net news from, marketing, Web development, new products, and more.
Internet Day (*)
Daily articles about the Internet, from the makers of Newslinx. (*)
Daily Internet news and features area from
Internet World (*)
"The Magazine for Savvy Internet Users." One of the best monthly magazines devoted to the Internet, and as of Feb. 2, 1998 Internet World will become weekly and by subscription only. The web site has daily news and information.
.net Magazine
The new directory to the electronic world.
Includes Web section and full text of *analog* magazine.
CNET (*)
A large site that keeps track of technology and computers with daily news feeds and perceptive articles about the Web and the Internet. CNET also has TV and radio shows, and numerous prime one-word domain names.
Faulkner's Telecom Report
A weekly on-line e-zine that provides insightful analysis of the telecom industries.
First Monday
A peer-reviewed journal on the Internet, about the Internet.
The Industry Standard
A news magazine on the Internet economy.
From Ziff-Davis
Internet Magazine.
Popular UK-based Internet zine with site reviews, news, and comprehensive UK providers list.
Internet ScamBusters
The premier e-zine to help you protect yourself (and your business) from Internet scams, misinformation and hype.
Internet Week
"News and Analysis of Internet Business Opportunities." Weekly newsletter from Phillips Business Information, Inc..
Life on the Internet
The PBS online edition which examines how people use the Internet and it's impact on peoples' lifestyles.
The NandO Times
"The premier free source of news, information on the Internet." Graphically stunning, well designed, with current news and photographs all on the front page.
"The No. 1 guide to everything on the Internet" News, views, Web views, and more. Webmasters, don't miss Tech Shop. From CMP Publications.
Netsurfer Digest
Free e-zine delivered by e-mail and the Web.
Scout Report (*)
The Scout Report, part of the Internet Scout Project, is a weekly e-zine offering a selection of new and newly discovered Internet resources of interest to researchers and educators. Each high quality selection (in Research and Education, General Interest, and Network Tools categories) is annotated.
SillyFly provides free newsletters with tips, links to great web sites, silly fun, and plenty of free fonts and software updates.
Seidman's Online Insider (*)
Biweekly commentary and analysis of major Internet trends and news by Robert Seidman.
The Internet TOURBUS is a twice weekly virtual tour of the best of the Internet. Free tickets are available at the site. The bus has a theme each issue, and makes a couple stops along the way to interesting sites. Aimed at beginner to intermediate netizens. Your drivers are the infamous Patrick Douglas Crispen of ROADMAP, ATLAS, and squirrel fame, and Bob Rankin, freelance writer and author.

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