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Web-based catalogs or directories categorize sites and information based on classification systems, usually in a hierarchical tree structure. Yahoo was the first and the most popular site to categorize sites, it's so popular Yahoo has become an adjective: "A Yahoo-like site." See also search engines.

4TEK Seek!
A comprehensive directory on the Internet for finding Information Technology companies and resources.
Lycos' Web directory complements its comprehensive index of the Web. a2z contains the 40,000 most popular web sites with reviews, site maps, and popularity ratings.
Argus Clearinghouse (*)
A subject-oriented collection of high-quality Internet resource guides, suitable for researchers.
Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide.
EINet Galaxy
A large galaxy of links organized by subject. Think of it as a mini Yahoo.
A family oriented catalog of links by Disney. Features special child screened searching.
A searchable database of Web site reviews
LookSmart (*)
A combo search directory/engine with a slick hierarchical interface. Like Yahoo indexes only the best sites on the Web, but is more selective. Licensed by many sites for their link catalogues.
Magellan (*)
A collection of high quality sites, similar to Point. Has a full text search of its sites with ratings and categories to narrow your search. Powerful searching capabilities like boolean math, definable nearness criteria, and wildcards.
NewHoo! (*)
Now owned by Netscape as the Open Directory Project this is a collaborative world-wide Yahoo using volunteer editors with a Yahoo-like hierarchical structure. Updated much more frequently than Yahoo the scaleable NewHoo! aims to become the largest human edited Internet directory in the world.
Netscape Open Directory
The Netscape Netcenter version of the Open Directory Project (formerly NewHoo!) which is maintained and developed by over 6,000 editors.
Searchable directory of commercial sites.
Starting Point
A searchable directory of choice Web sites in a variety of categories.
Search for an Internet service provider or BBS anywhere in the world with this massive mega-index courtesy of Rocklin Associates in Los Angeles. Grouped by state and area code, listings are pretty much limited to address and phone numbers, but each organization's Web site is linked for futher information.
Has over 112 million listings with mapping, email addresses, and URLs for the U.S. and Canada. Also offers it's users the world with links to over 60 directories representing over 35 countries.
WWW Yellow Pages
This on-line version of quality web sites is searchable, from New Riders Publishing.
The best and most popular Internet directory.
A searchable, browsable index of the Internet designed for Web surfers ages 8 to 14.

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