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Metasearch engines

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Metasearch engine and all-in-one search. This multiple search engine hits all the major engines, plus newsgroups and newswire services.
Ask Jeeves
Natural language metasearch engine. Named for the fictional servant created by P.G. Wodehouse, Ask Jeeves lets you ask questions in complete sentences, instead of using keywords.
Free searching application for Windows and Mac plaforms. Performs simultaneous searches in over 65 major search engines and directories. Provides for highly customizable results and search operations, including searches in a variety of languages.
Direct Hit
Their Popularity Engine(TM) tracks the sites that people actually select from search results lists. By analyzing the activity of millions of previous Internet searchers, Direct Hit determines the most popular and relevant sites for your search request.
Simultaneously search multiple engines, also features news services, stock information, topic-focused browsing and more. Also affiliated with, another metasearch engine.
Highway 61
Simultaneously search multiple engines, combined results.
Inference Find
Simultaneous submit, combines, removes redundancies, and clusters using domain name info. Clean interface.
Provides meta-searches for Web pages, news, pictures, MP3s and more.
Scans multiple search services, combines the results, and removes duplicates with one click. Also features audio/MP3 searching, newsgroup searching and more.
Parallel search engine retrieves summary articles from the archives of hundreds of online news sources, journals and magazines. Useful research tool.
Simultaneous submit, combines, removes redundancies, sorts by own relevance. Offers both generalized metasearching and topic-focused searches on entertainment, health, kids topics, sports, MP3 and more.
Metasearch for software, freeware and shareware.
The Big Hub
Simultaneously search 6 major engines, and over 1500 specialty topic engines.
Unified Search Engine for Internet. Search over 36 search engines simultaneously.

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