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People and Businesses

555-1212 area code look-up
Dial into this directory service to find an area code fast. Covers the US and Canada.
AnyWho Toll-free Internet Directory
Quickly find the 800 numbers of any company.
Search for businesses in this free yellow page directory of over 11 million US businesses.
Internet Address Finder
E-mail white pages, with over 4 million listed.
Locate people and businesses nationwide. Switchboard provides address, phone number, and e-mail address (for registered users) from over 90 million people and 10 million businesses nationwide. From
Usenet Addresses Service (MIT)
Search for email addresses that have been collected from Usenet postings from 1991 to 1996. Input the person's name and/or organization and a reverse chronological list of addresses from postings appears.
E-mail and telephone directory for people and businesses.

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Revised: August 3, 1999