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Analyzing your Referrer Log
An article about manually and automatically analyzing your server logs. Includes description of Refstats and links to related resources. By Chuck Musciano, SunWorld Online webmaster.
There's Gold in them thar Log Files
The WDVL offers up explanations of how to use and analyze log files to maximize your site's utility and appeal.

Usage Tools

Access Watch
Shareware stats analyzer with graphical output. Open source shareware, written in Perl, runs on any major webserver. By Dave Maher.
A freeware log analysis program. Fast , frequently updated, and highly configurable. By Stephen Turner.
Site usage analysis, tracking and graphing. This detailed on-line service provides both free and low-cost versions of its tools.
A sophisticated client/server usage tracking tool. From net.Genesis.
Internet usage tracking program analyzes visitor traffic on Internet/Intranet web sites. Web browser interface runs on a web server so you never have to download log files to generate reports.
A web server log analysis tool. Generates detailed graphical reports. Runs on most UNIX platforms, MacOS and Windows 95/NT, compatible with almost any type of server log format.
Free web-based usage tracking and reporting.
Attractive web-based usage tracking and statistical analysis. Creates charts and graphs to aid in analysis. Windows "Active Desktop" feature allows for real-time tracking.
Award-winning log analysis software, including packages focuses on traffic analysis, data mining for e-commerce, etc.
Tracks all applications you run in Windows. Logs when a program was launched and exited gathers usage information over an entire network. Features Project Tracking and Keyboard and Mouse Tracking.


Log Analysis Tools

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