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Getting started on the Internet isn't easy, but is increasely important. Don't be left behind because you think it's too hard, these tutorials can help you become an Internet wiz.

Introductory Tutorials

Back to School
A free electronic library classroom created by Ellen Chamberlain, University of South Carolina Beaufort Librarian. A class on the Net for librarians with little or no Net experience.
Beginner's Central
Easy how-to tutorial for new internet users. Also home to the Search Engine Tutorial.
Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
Why email is different from other forms of communication, and how to use it most effectively. By Kaitlin Duck Sherwood.
Finding Information on the Internet
An introduction to the Internet and effective ways of finding what you're looking for through searching.
Internet 101
This site is dedicated to teaching everyone about the Internet. This site will constantly grow with new lessons and information for all ages.
Learn the Net
Basic training resource includes information on getting connected, safe surfing for kids, netiquette, email, newsgroups, conferencing, and search engines.
Newbie Net
Designed for beginners, offers continuously updated free courses on cyberspace, unix, and smileys.
'Puter School
Free service where users may ask any computer/Net related questions. Volunteers/tutors have many years experience in the computer field & have volunteered their time to help you with your computer/Net needs.
Web Diner
Site designed to teach people, especially small business owners, about using the web. Full of beginner's tips and tricks on creating smart Web pages.

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