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Writing for the Internet takes a different approach than longer print-based articles and books. It involves a more abbreviated style, with grammar and punctuation being important for that professional look.

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EGGads! Capital Headline Mistakes
Next up in our Web grammar crusade: how to properly capitalize those pesky headlines. Or should that be "How To Properly Capitalize Those Pesky Headlines?" Hmmmmmm....
EGGads! Confusing Word Couples
Meryl Evans continues her quest to squash out glaring grammar gotchas on the Web with "Confusing Word Couples." These problematic sweethearts like "anxious & eager" and "who & whom" are commonly misused and Meryl is here to be your personal word marriage counselor.
EGG! The Grammar Gotchas Project
Meryl Evans takes on the Web's writing by launching the EGG project. First up, the dreaded apostrophe.
It's Grammar Stylin' Time Kids!
Meryl Evans continues her crusade to clean up the Web's writing with an essay on tricky grammar gotchas like "which" vs. "that" and "effect" vs. "affect."
Writing Well for the Web
Quick and Easy Tips for Non-writers by Catherine Titta. Beginner's tips on writing style, overcoming common mistakes and writing headlines.
I Say E-Mail, You Say Email
Meryl Evans takes on the techno lingo of the Internet age and tackles the tough issues. Are there really grammar rules for the Web? Find out if you should be writing html or HTML code for the Net.
The Judge Rules for "E-mail" with a Big "E"
Meryl Evans returns by popular demand with even more information on on-line grammar. Or is that online?

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