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JavaScript Rollovers: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

After reading this column, you should be able to create bulletproof rollovers. We explained how to create cross-browser and backward compatible rollovers, so feel free to try them out on your site. Your users will love them.

Rollovers can be implemented in many ways. For example, if you use an animated GIF as an active image, you can create a rollover that animates. In this column you learned:

  1. How to use the document.images object.
  2. How to make your rollovers backward compatible.
  3. How to create an instance of the Image object.
  4. How to combine several rollovers to create a menu.
  5. How to create multiple rollovers.
  6. How to ensure maximum "transition" quality.
  7. How to create nested rollovers.

Created: August 21, 1997
Revised: March 30, 1998