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JScript .NET, Part I: The Mechanics: Installing the .NET SDK - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part I: The Mechanics

Installing the .NET SDK

Now that IIS is installed on your system, you can proceed to the second step: installing the .NET SDK (Software Development Kit). Again, you must install .NET SDK only after you have installed IIS. Switching the order won't work, and will require re-installation of the .NET SDK. You can download the installation application from Microsoft's download area here. Click on the Save option and save it somewhere on your computer. Once downloaded, just run setup.exe while answering any questions raised during the installation. You can keep all the default choices.

The .NET SDK will be added to your PC like any other application. It will also have an entry in your Start menu. From this entry, you can reach the SDK's Documentation, Overview, Samples and QuickStart Tutorials, as well as Tools. There are thousands of pages you can browse. Pick your subject and start learning.

The .NET SDK is a must for developing code on the server. Its sister application is Studio .NET. Most of the stuff you can do with Studio .NET is also possible with the .NET SDK. Since Studio .NET is not a free proposition, we'll stick to the .NET SDK which IS free.

The .NET SDK contains a rich set of resources, encouraging and promoting you to build powerful applications and services based on the .NET Framework technology. It includes an extensive collection of tools, samples, and compilers. One of these compilers is jsc.exe, the JScript .NET compiler. Open a command window and type jsc.exe. Your path should have been updated by the .NET SDK installation, so you can expect that jsc.exe will work from any directory. Type jsc at the prompt and watch the help file listing roll down the window.

The .NET SDK documentation provides a wide range of instructive and practical information. It includes a class libraray reference, conceptual overviews, step-by-step procedures, information about the SDK's tools, and tutorials. These tutorials demonstrate how to create specific types of applications.

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