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JScript .NET, Part I: The Mechanics - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part I: The Mechanics

Now that you know how to consume Web services, it's time to learn how to create them. In order to learn this topic, you need to know the .NET Framework and its JavaScript language, JScript .NET. In this column, we start a new series on JScript .NET. JScript .NET (notice the blank between the JScript and .NET) is Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript (more commonly known as JavaScript) Edition 4. It is backwards compatible with previous versions, and extends them via its classes, strong typing, namespaces, enumeration, compiled code, and other features. JScript .NET is one of three languages supported by the .NET Framework (the other two are Visual Basic and C#). Your knowledge of JavaScript will help you to ramp up quickly on JScript .NET. You will be able to create server-side applications and Web services in a relatively short time.

In this column, we lay down the groundwork for JScript .NET. We'll show you how to start working with JScript .NET on your desktop computer. Since we are dealing with server-side applications, you need to have access to a server. Your PC seems to be a good candidate for this. We'll show you how to install the Internet Information Services (IIS) server on your PC. We'll also guide you through the installation of the .NET SDK (Software Development Kit). This application is loaded with documentation, tools, utilities, and compilers.

Once IIS and the .NET SDK are installed, you will be ready to learn the new stuff. We'll cover the .NET Framework and its principles. We'll show you what's new in JScript .NET and the differences between JScript and JScript .NET. We'll teach you how to compile and link a JScript .NET program.

In this column you will learn:

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