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JScript .NET, Part II: Major Features - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part II: Major Features

In this column we continue our series on JScript .NET. In Part I, we laid down the groundwork for JScript .NET, showing you how to install IIS and the .NET SDK, and how to compile and run a JScript .NET program. Now that you know how to compile JScript .NET, you can open any text editor and start coding in the new language. The jsc.exe compiler will give you immediate feedback on your syntax errors.

In this column we'll show you the major differences between JavaScript and JScript .NET. We will not cover all the differences--that'll take a few columns to do. Here, we'll focus instead on new principles and major concepts that are not found in JavaScript. Some of the new capabilities of JScript .NET are part of ECMAScript Edition 4, and some are non-ECMAScript. One can expect that the non-ECMAScript features will be proposed for ECMAScript Edition 5.

In this column you will learn:

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