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JScript .NET, Part VI: Creating IE Web Services: Interacting with add - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part VI: Creating IE Web Services

Interacting with add

A Web service is an entity by itself, besides providing services to its consumers. Make sure your Web service is on your Web server. For example, put both checkIsPrime.asmx and simpleCalc.asmx in c:\inetpub\wwwwroot\Webreference. Now, look at the description of simpleCalc.asmx, by browsing http://localhost/Webreference/simpleCalc.asmx. You should see the following Internet Explorer window:

The window lists the Web service's methods. In our case, there is only one method, add. Click the add link and discover a way to test your Web service. Here is how you input the two numbers to add:

And here is the output window with the Web service's http reply:

Notice we input the numbers 5 and 4, and indeed got 9 in the http reply.

You can also ask to see the WSDL description of your Web service. Browse the address http://localhost/Webreference/simpleCalc.asmx?WSDL and see a structured description of the Web service:

Notice how much you get for free. For a mere 9 lines of code in simpleCalc.asmx, you get thousands of lines in the automatically-generated description, test forms, etc. This is one of the advantages of .NET: you write only a small portion of the application--the rest is added by the framework.

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