JScript .NET, Part VII: Consuming add from ASP.NET: Consuming the add Web Service - Doc JavaScript | WebReference

JScript .NET, Part VII: Consuming add from ASP.NET: Consuming the add Web Service - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part VII: Consuming add from ASP.NET

Consuming the add Web Service

Once you write simpleCalcConsumer.aspx, you can save it in the same directory of the Web service file, simpleCalc.asmx. In our case, the directory is d:\aspDemo. Remember we created a virtual directory in the Web server, Column113, pointing to d:\aspDemo. Load your browser with the following path:


You should get the following window:

Here is the full code listing of simpleCalcConsumer.aspx:

<%@ Page LANGUAGE="JScript" %>
<%@ import namespace="calcService" %>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JScript" RUNAT="server">
public function Page_Load(sender:Object, E:EventArgs) : void {
  resultControl.Enabled = false;
public function Submit_Click(sender:Object, E:EventArgs) : void {
  var result : String;
  var webService : simpleCalc;
  webService = new simpleCalc();
  result = webService.add(int.Parse(first.Text),
  resultControl.Text = result;
  <TITLE>simpleCalc XML Web Service Test</TITLE>
<BODY STYLE="font-size:12; font-family:arial,verdana,sans-serif;">
  <FORM RUNAT="server">
  <TR><TD>Enter First Number:</TD><TD>
  <ASP:TEXTBOX RUNAT="server" SIZE="4" ID="first"
  <TR><TD>Enter Second Number:</TD><TD>
  <ASP:TEXTBOX RUNAT="server" SIZE="4" ID="second"
  <TR><TD align="right">
  <ASP:BUTTON TEXT="Add" ID="doAdd" OnClick="Submit_Click"
  <ASP:TEXTBOX ID="resultControl" RUNAT="server"
    STYLE="text-align:'right'" SIZE="4"/></TD></TR>

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