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JScript .NET, Part X: Displaying Information: Using Response.Write() - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part X: Displaying Information

Using Response.Write()

Another way to display text from an ASP.NET page is by using the JScript .NET Response.Write() method. You can enclose Response.Write() within a &lt% %> block like this:

&lt% Response.Write("Hello World!") %>

You can also include it in a function definition and call the function inside a &lt% %> block. In ASP.NET pages, functions and variables should be defined within <SCRIPT> blocks, while executable code must be enclosed within &lt% %> blocks. This is very different from the way you code JavaScript on the client side. Client-side JavaScript allows placing of executable code anywhere inside <SCRIPT> blocks.

The following ASP.NET page demonstrates the usage of Response.Write():

<%@ Page LANGUAGE="JScript" SRC="col116ex6.aspx.js"
  AutoEventWireup="true" EnableViewState="true"%>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JScript" runat="server">
function output(str) {
var today : Date = new Date();
  <TITLE>Hello World Test</TITLE>
<BODY STYLE="font-size:12; font-family:arial,verdana,sans-serif;">
  <P ALIGN="center">Today's date is  <% output(today); %></P>
  <FORM RUNAT="server">
  <P ALIGN="center"><ASP:LABEL ID="message" RUNAT="server">

The JScript .NET code defines the variable today which is initialized to today's date and time. We also define the function output() which displays its argument with Response.Write(). Within the ASP.NET code, we call output() with the today variable as its argument:

<% output(today); %>

The Code Behind JScript .NET code, col116ex6.aspx.js, is identical to the one on Page 5, col115ex5.aspx.js.

The following window shows the outcome of setting the URL of your browser to http://localhost/column113/col116ex6.aspx:

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