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JScript .NET, Part XI: Creating Windows Forms - Doc JavaScript

JScript .NET, Part XI: Creating Windows Forms

In this column we continue our series on JScript .NET. In Part I, we laid down the groundwork for JScript .NET, showing you how to install IIS and the .NET SDK, and how to compile and run a JScript .NET program. In Part II, we showed you the major differences between JavaScript and JScript .NET. In Part III, we focused on JScript .NET's classes and their division among namespaces. In Part IV we taught you how to use inheritance in classes and interfaces. In Part V, we covered the third holy grail of object oriented programming: polymorphism. In Part VI, we showed you how to define Web services in JScript .NET and how to consume them from Internet Explorer. In Part VII, we showed you how to consume Web services from ASP.NET pages in general, and the add Web service in particular. In Part VIII, we showed you how to consume the IsPrime Web service. In Part IX, we introduced the concept of Code Behind. In Part X, we explained how to display information with JScript .NET. In this column we'll show you how to create Windows forms with JScript .NET code.

JScript .NET supports two types of forms: Web forms and Windows forms. We covered Web forms in our last few columns, starting from Column 113. In this column we'll introduce you to Windows forms. Windows forms are intended for those developing Windows applications. These applications are rich in dockable windows, menus, buttons, text boxes, message boxes, and labels. We'll show you five distinct capabilities, built on top of the same skeleton code. They are anchoring, docking windows, click events, onmouseup events, and menus.

In this column you will learn:

The source code for these sample Windows forms are shown in:

All above source code files were zipped for you.

Thanks to Jeff Louie for letting me borrow some ideas from his Web site.

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