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IBuySpy Store, Part I: Installing: File Types - Doc JavaScript

IBuySpy Store, Part I: Installing

File Types

IBuySpy Store relies on one of the scripting languages to implement its behind-the-scenes business logic. You can use VB, C#, or JScript .NET. Since you are already familiar with JavaScript on the client side, and since JScript .NET may become the ECMAScript standard someday, JScript .NET is a good choice to implement your ASP.NET applications with. We converted IBuySpy Store to JScript .NET and will demonstrate its usage in our upcoming columns. IBuySpy Store uses JScript .NET in several different file types: ASP.NET pages, ASP.NET user controls, JScript .NET components, and JScript .NET Web services.

The ASP.NET pages end with the extension .aspx. They are responsible for the look of the Web pages and for the interaction with the user. The .aspx pages include a <SCRIPT> section for the JScript .NET code. The business logic is run by the JScript .NET code. The .aspx pages resemble the .html pages on the client side, where the <SCRIPT> section includes the JavaScript code. The .aspx pages are used in two different applications. The first application is the IBuySpy Store itself. The role of Login.aspx, for example, is to get the login and password from the user who wants to sign in to the store. The second application is the documentation system of IBuySpy Store. The role of the ASP.NET pages srcview.aspx and tabview.aspx is to assemble a documentation page for each ASP.NET page, user control, and configuration file. The Store's ASP.NET pages reside in the root folder of the Web site, StoreDOCJS. The documentation system's ASP.NET pages reside in the folder SourceViewer.

The ASP.NET controls end with the extension .ascx. They are very similar to ASP.NET pages in their roles and responsibilities. They are different from ASP.NET pages in that they are not stand-alone pages. They are being included in other ASP.NET pages. As such, ASP.NET pages may share the same ASP.NET control. IBuySpy Store's control files begin with an underscore. For example, _Header.ascx is being included by almost all ASP.NET pages of the store.

The JScript .NET components end with the extension .js. They are pure JScript .NET code, w/o any ASP.NET statements. JScript .NET components are compiled into a binary library, and include the business logic classes, properties, and methods. These utilities may be used by any ASP.NET page or control.

The JScript .NET Web services end with the extension .asmx. Actually, there is only one Web service in IBuySpy Store, InstantOrder.asmx. This Web service allows third-party applications to interact with IBuySpy Store in the background, while the user does not even know about these transactions.

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