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IBuySpy Store, Part I: Installing: Directory Structure - Doc JavaScript

IBuySpy Store, Part I: Installing

Directory Structure

The IBuySpy Store's directory structure looks complex at first glance. When you install it on your PC, your directory tree will be four-levels deep. Here is a sketch of the tree:

The top-level hierarchy is StoreDOCJS. But this level is just for the installation phase. The real root of the tree is the lower StoreDOCJS folder. When installing a virtual directory on the IIS server, remember to point to the lower StoreDOCJS. The lower StoreDOCJS folder includes all ASP.NET pages and user controls. Underneath this StoreDOCJS, there are six folders: bin, Components, docs, images, ProductImages, and SourceViewer. The bin folder includes the binaries generated during the JScript compilation of the components. The Components folder includes source code for all JScript .NET components, and a make file for their compilation and linking. The docs folder includes the documentation pages, the images folder includes all storefront images, the ProductImages folder includes the images of the sold spy gear, and the SourceViewer folder includes documentation schema files for all documentation pages, as well as ASP.NET pages to actually display the documentation. Here is a color-coded directory structure of IBuySpy Store:

The red folders are where your code should go. The root folder, StoreDOCJS, includes the ASP.NET pages. Its first child folder, bin, includes the binary library created from the JScript .NET components in the second child folder, the Components folder. No other folders include code that implements the Store.

The three light blue folders are used in the documentation system. The docs folder includes the documentation files for all ASP.NET pages, user controls, configuration files, and Web services. The child images folder holds the images needed in the documentation system. The SourceViewer folder holds the documentation schema files for all pages, and the ASP.NET pages that assemble the documentation pages.

The green images folder holds images for the storefront. The purple folders, ProductImages, and its child folder, thumbs, include images of the items sold in the store. By default, IBuySpy Store comes with a common single image for all products.

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