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IBuySpy Store, Part II: JScript Components - Doc JavaScript

IBuySpy Store, Part II: JScript Components

In this column we continue our series on the JScript .NET-based IBuySpy Store. In the first part of the series, Column 119, we showed you how to install and deploy the store. In this column, we focus on the JScript .NET components. IBuySpy has five of these .js files. Each of these pure JScript .NET files includes classes and methods. We'll show you the responsibilities and roles of each of these components.

The JScript .NET components interact with the database's stored procedures and with the Web.config file. We'll show you how to write stored procedures, and what their advantage is over in-line queries. We'll explain the structure of Web.config: how it handles authorization and authentication. We'll also show you how to change the database connection in Web.config, instead of the JScript .NET code itself. We'll present a color-coded map of all IBuySpy modules and the interactions between them.

In this column you will learn:

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