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Scrolling JavaScript Banners: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

After reading one of our longest columns, you should not only know how to implement this specific banner, but also how to create your own customized banners. We showed you how to move elements on the page, and how to hide them. We also discussed dynamic element creation in Navigator 4.0x and Internet Explorer 4.0x, using layers and DIVs respectively.

The banner is a cross-browser script, because it works on both Navigator 4.0x and Internet Explorer 4.0x. It is also backward compatible, because it does not affect older browers, and even offers alternative content (an image). In this column you learned:

  1. How to specify the banner's position.
  2. How to use external JavaScript files.
  3. How to configure the banner.
  4. How to assign the banner's messages to an array.
  5. How to initialize the banner.
  6. How to create the banner's elements.
  7. How to fill the banner's elements.
  8. How to set an element's visibility.
  9. How to rotate the messages.
  10. How to move the messages.

The banner's external JavaScript files are:

  1. bannerconfig.js
  2. banner.js

For your convenience, you may also download a zip file containing banner.html, bannerconfig.js, and banner.js. Simply extract the files into any directory and load banner.html in your browser (Navigator 4.0x or Internet Explorer 4.0x).

Created: February 10, 1998
Revised: February 10, 1998