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JavaScript Animations, Part I: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

If you've reached this point, there's nothing much to say. You now know how to bring your pages to life with our animation library. We explained how to create a reusable set of functions for JavaScript animations.

For the first time in our columns, we implemented various properties and methods of the Math object. In the next episode, we'll discuss more complex animations. Although we won't tell you to hit your old math books, be prepared for some more mathematical fun. In this column we explained:

  1. How to create an animation object.
  2. How to retrieve the element's left and top properties..
  3. How to set the element's visibility.
  4. How to move the element to a specified position.
  5. How to slide the element.
  6. How to move the element in a circular path.
  7. How to animate the element.
  8. How to define the animated elements and the animations.

At this point you may choose to view the code for the document, as well as the external animation library.

Created: April 21, 1998
Revised: April 21, 1998