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Mastering JavaScript Dates: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

In this column we explained how to display the current date on a Web page. Although Doc JavaScript is devoted to JavaScript, we decided to explain other non-JavaScript ways to display the date, so you should have the whole picture now. Choose the one that best fits your needs. If your page is based on HTML tables, you'll probably have to go for a non-JavaScript solution. Otherwise JavaScript is sufficient. Embedding JavaScript in your HTML document is obviously the easiest way to display the current date. In this column you learned:

  1. How to create an instance of the Date object.
  2. How to extract the desired properties from that instance.
  3. How to display the date in a good-looking format.
  4. How to setup a cronjob to set the date.
  5. How to implement a server-side include to do the job.

Created: September 11, 1997
Revised: April 12, 2000