Embedding Sound in Web Pages, Part I: A Plugin Object Example - Doc JavaScript | WebReference

Embedding Sound in Web Pages, Part I: A Plugin Object Example - Doc JavaScript

A Plugin Object Example

We'll round up this section about plug-ins and Plugin objects, by an example that prints the list of plug-ins. Our list resembles the output of the "About Plug-ins" option in the "Help" menu entry of Netscape Navigator. The script is a straightforward loop through the plugins array, creating a separate row for each plug-in. We extract the number of plug-ins from the plugins.length property. Here is the code for the loop:

for (var i = 0; i < navigator.plugins.length; i++) {
  document.write("<TR VALIGN='top'><TD>", i, "</TD>",
    "<TD>", navigator.plugins[i].name, "</TD>",
    "<TD>", navigator.plugins[i].description, "</TD>",
    "<TD>", navigator.plugins[i].filename, "</TD>",
    "<TD>", navigator.plugins[i].length, "</TD></TR>");

And here is a sample output:

0VDOLive small pluginVDOLive small pluginD:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\npsmlvdo.dll1
1Cosmo Player 1.0VRML WorldD:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\npcosmop.dll2
2Netscape Media PlayerNetscape Media Player, Audio Streaming Plugin, v.1.1.1516D:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\nplau32.dll1
3LiveAudioSound Player for Netscape Navigator, v.1.1.1513D:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\npaudio.dll9
4QuickTime Plug-InQuickTime Plug-In for Win32 v.1.1.0D:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\NPQTW32.DLL1
5NPAVI32 Dynamic Link LibraryNPAVI32, avi plugin DLLD:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\npavi32.dll2
6Netscape vCalendar Plug-inNetscape vCalendar Plug-in v.4.0D:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\NPVCAL32.DLL1
7Netscape Default Plug-inDefault Plug-inD:\PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\COMMUNICATOR 4.04\PROGRAM\plugins\npnul32.dll1


Created: May 31, 1998
Revised: May 31, 1998

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