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JavaScript 1.3 Overview, Part I: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

In this column we introduced JavaScript 1.3. The main thrust behind this release is the drive to standardize JavaScript around the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturing Association) standard. JavaScript 1.3 progresses along several avenues towards globalization and internationalization. The support of Unicode is a major enhancement of the new version. It allows JavaScript to support over 65,000 different characters as opposed to the mere 128 characters supported by ASCII. This capability enables JavaScript to display different languages from all over the world, multilingual text, and common technical and mathematical symbols.

JavaScript 1.3 introduces a number of UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) methods. One set of methods is aimed at getting different components of the Date object. The other set is aimed at settting these components. JavaScript 1.3 adds some top-level properties and function such as Infinity and NaN.

In this column you have learned:

For further reading on ECMA, we have referred you to ECMA (European Computer Manufacturing Association) specification, ECMA-262, and ISO (International Standards Organization) specification, ISO-16262. For further reading on JavaScript 1.3, please visit Netscape Documentation.

Created: September 14, 1998
Revised: September 14, 1998