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JavaScript 1.3 Overview, Part II: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

In this column we have completed the overview of JavaScript 1.3. We have introduced in this column the ability to populate an object by a multitude of functions. In JavaScript 1.2, you could only create an object by a single construction method. You have all got used to the famous this when constructing a new object. In JavaScript 1.3, you can pass the this to other methods for completion of the object. We have demonstrated this important capability via a Volvo assembly line example. We have shown you the differences between the call() and the apply() methods for accomplishing this task.

We have shown you a number of other new features. The strict equality operators and support for lambda expressions in the String's replace() method are just a few of these features. We have described in detail how JavaScript 1.3 changes the behavior of the Array object and the equality operators. We have summarized for you all JavaScript versions and their supporting Navigator releases.

In this column you have learned:

For further reading on ECMA, we have referred you to ECMA (European Computer Manufacturing Association) specification, ECMA-262, and ISO (International Standards Organization) specification, ISO-16262. For further reading on JavaScript 1.3, please visit Netscape Documentation.

Created: September 28, 1998
Revised: September 28, 1998