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Introducing DOCJSLIB, Part I: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

In this column we have introduced DOCJSLIB, a cross-browser JavaScript library for managing DHTML elements. DOCJSLIB uses the concept of Application Procedural Interface (API) and thus promotes object oriented programming. DOCJSLIB hides the inner working of its functions and exposes just the needed parameters. DOCJSLIB frees you from taking care of the platform inconsistency handling, and lets you concentrate on the application itself.

We have described in detail the functionality of Version 1.0. It supports three functions. The makeImage() function is the heart of the library and handles the creation of the DHTML element. The setSrc() and getSrc() functions get and set, respectively, the URL of the image's GIF. We have also explained how to program the handleImageClick() event handler.

We have demonstrated how to build an application with DOCJSLIB. Walking through our Connect-Three board game code, we gave some general directives on how and where to start and how to translate your unique idea into a working page.

In this column you have learned:

We have shown you the code for the Connect Three board game and DOCJSLIB library.

Created: October 12, 1998
Revised: October 12, 1998